Every project is different and they require different amounts of time and effort to complete, so we price all jobs based on the needs of the project. The cost for your project will be determined once we fully understand your needs, and we will work closely with you to keep within your budget.

A website or graphic design job can cost as much or as little budgetas you'd care to spend. In general, a higher budget means more 'uniqueness', more custom features and more time spent. But whether you have a little or a lot to spend we will give you the same care and respect.

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What you can do to keep your costs lower.

We will work with you to get exactly what you need at the best cost, but remember, some things can end up costing you extra as you pay for time and expertise when getting a project completed.

So to help us keep your costs lower…

  • The more we can communicate by email, the less we will have to communicate by phone or meet in person, lessening costs.
  • The fewer people in your company that we have to communicate with the better. That way we'll need to spend less time making sure that everyone is in agreement.
  • The more web knowledge you have, the better. Then we will not have to spend as much time explaining things to you.